Zair Azgur was born in Molchany, Vitebsk region.

 The National artist of the BSSR, USSR, The Hero of Social Labour, The Recipient of Stalin Awards, the active member of the USSR art academy.

The monuments by Azgur in Minsk: the monument of Jakub Kolas on the same name square, the monument of Felix Dzierzhynsky, the monument of the pilot Sergey Gricevets, the relief on the Victory obelisk “Glory to the fallen heroes”.

The Memorial museum and workshop of Zair Azgur is the only monographic museum in Belarus based on the former workshop of the sculptor.The building constructed by the architect Aladov in 1984 was added in the State list of historical and cultural values in 1999.

In the workhop of the art academy Azgur spent 11 years. Here he created more than 50 works and expressed himself as a recognized and respected teacher.

The Memorial museum and workshop of Zair Azgur, the branch of The National art museum, was created after the death of the artist in 1996 according the Presidential Decree “About the memorialization of The National artist of the BSSR, USSR, The Hero of Social Labour Z.I.Azgur”.

After the Presidential order on the 28th of May, 2004 the museum was handed over from the State to the municipal property.

The concept of the museum – memorial monographic and art – was worked out during its establishment and was caused by its specific collection which has 4102 objects.

The collection “Sculpture of Z.Azgur counts 467 works made by the artist in 1936-1992. These are mostly plaster originals. A range of works are also in solid materials. Among finished works one can also see different draft materials which allows to trace the process of sculpture making from the idea to the result.

The collection “The painting from the family of Azgur” comprises 58 works. It includes etudes and sketches presented to the sculptor by his friends-artists. The outstanding place in the collection belongs to the fund of the art works by the family of Zair Azgur: Gavrila Gorelov, Yuri Gorelov and Galina Azgur – artist’s wife.

The collection “Graphic from the family of Z. Azgur” has 8 works – landscapes by the artists Belskiy, Lotman and Volkov.

Documents, manuscripts and photos dating 1924-1990 are gathered in the collection “The archive of Z.Azgur.”

The collection “The private library of Zair Azgur includes books, Autoabstracts and periodicals.

The peculiarity of monographic museums is its opportunity to preserve and present personal author’s belongings. This collection includes 92 objects.

The collection “Sculpture” is formed by some contemporary Belarusian sculptors whose exhibitions took place in the museum. It has 38 sculptures.

The collection “Graphics” was created in 2017 on the basis of 26 works presented by the artist Josef Kapelyan to the museum. On 31 of September the collection’s already counted 30 works.

The collection “The history of the museum” has 98 objects lightening the history of founding and functioning of the institution.

The exposition of the museum occupies 3 stores of the building: the first one – the exhibitional hall and sculptor’s working area. The second floor – the memorial and sculpture halls. The third one – the library, the memorial and conference rooms.

The museum is quite active in realization of creative projects with Belarusian and foreign artists, architects. For instance, in 2012 an exhibitional project of famous Belarusian artist Konstantin Selihanov “The one and others” which became the visual part of the author’s reflection on history and modernity, about the connection of times, person and society and was continued in the second time of the project “The one and others. The reconstruction of the hero” conducted in 2016.

Another project “Ones are like this, others are like that” aimed to outline the difference between the objects by the artist Tamara Sokolova and museum works was organized in May, 2014.

The main spectator in the project served not the visitors of the museum, but “hundreds of busts, statues and casts made by Azgur”.

Special attention is paid to the educational process in the museum work. The Memorial museum and workshop of Zair Azgur offers a range of lections and excursions: “The life of Zair Azgur”, “Sculpture as an art form”, “The gallery of war portraits in the collection of the Memorial museum and workshop of Zair Azgur”. Special educational platform “Azgur school” has been launched lately, including various studios and workshops for children and grown-ups. Since 2012 Minsk architectural forum takes place in the museum. Since 2015 – Minsk urban platform.

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Fax: +375-17-294-73-01

Working hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10.00-18.00

Director – Oksana Bogdanova

Assistant director – Sergey Lyskovich

Adress: Minsk, Partizanskiy district, Azgur str.,8. 220088

Public transport

Metro station: “Ploscha Peramogi”, “Praletarskaya”

18,26,39 buses – Pervamayskaya bus stop

57 bus – Park Gorkogog bus stop

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