Iconic Masterpieces in the Collection 'Sculpture from the Family of Z.I. Azgur'

Immerse yourself in the unique world of sculptural masterpieces from the collection “Sculpture from the family of Zair Ivanovich Azgur.” Here you will find outstanding works created by Zair Ivanovich Azgur himself, as well as gifts and works by colleagues and friends of the artist, including A. Shibnyov, V. Tsvirko, E. Zaytsev, V. Kazachenko. Special attention is given to the sculptural creations of Azgur’s family members such as Galina Azgur, Gavriil and Yuriy Gorelovs, creating a unique artistic landscape of family art. Each sculpture in this collection becomes a part of a living legacy of art, filled with the power of creative passion.