Opening the Gates to Cultural Magic: The New Web Portal of the Azgur Museum!

Welcome all art and culture enthusiasts to our new virtual space – the Azgur Museum website! We proudly present an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the world of creativity of the distinguished Soviet sculptor, Zair Azgur.


This site is more than just a showcase of museum exhibits; it is a true journey through time and art. You will discover unique virtual exhibitions that unfold the master’s creative path from pre-war years to the greatness of the second half of the 20th century.


What will you find on our website?


1. Exclusive Exhibitions:
Step through virtual doors and enjoy exclusive exhibitions that tell the story of Zair Azgur’s life and work.


2. Interactive Tours:
Virtual tours will guide you through each stage of the master’s creative journey, from childhood in the village of Molchany to great awards and recognition.


3. Art Shop:
Our virtual shelves are filled with reproductions of Azgur’s works and unique souvenirs so you can take a piece of art home.


4. Online Events:
Participate in our online events, webinars, and contests to stay updated and share your love for art.


Join Us!

We are delighted to invite you on this virtual journey. Join our community of art lovers, share your impressions, and explore new facets of the world of Azgur. The website is open for you – we look forward to seeing you at the museum!